Free Walkative Tour Lviv

Free Walkative Tour Lviv

Ласкаво просимо, witajcie, ողջույն, בברכה! All of those words mean "welcome" in four languages of cultures that have had the most powerful influence on cultural corner of Europe – Lviv!


So – welcome to the city filled with history, art, marvellous architecture and incredible spirit of – brace yourself – Ukrainian, Polish, Armienian and Jewish heritage. Imagine few local tourguides guiding you through narrow bricked streets of old town and sharing with you some breathtaking stories about this place which are handed down from parents to offspring...

It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Of course it does! So don’t be afraid to discover another magnificent scrap of European culture with Free Walkative! Tours - join our tours for exploring the history of Lviv in the best way. 


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Площа Ринок, фонтан Нептун